The growing demands of an ever more connected society has pressed telecommunications companies to continuously expand and improve the equipment that powers it all. In turn, that important equipment must be protected from disruptions and shielded from the weather.

Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures are ideal for telecom applications because the material does not interfere with wifi signal strength. With metal and other types of enclosure materials, a strong antenna must be mounted on the exterior of the box to avoid signal interference. With polycarbonate enclosures, everything can be placed safely inside the box without sacrificing signal strength. This provides a safer, more cost-effective solution and cleaner look overall.

With more equipment being installed in non-traditional locations, flexibility is also important. Unlike metal or fiberglass enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures are easily drilled, so you can create access for cables. Fiberglass is more likely to crack and drilling releases a dust that is dangerous to inhale and irritating to the skin. When working in areas that are hard to access or potentially dangerous, anything that simplifies the necessary modifications to an enclosure is an advantage.

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